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NEW! DHI conNextions Classroom Series

Whether your goal is to become a DHI-certified consultant or simply to gain knowledge and skills that will benefit you in your current or prospective position, DHI has the educational offering to suit your needs. New to the industry, seasoned veteran, or life-long learner, you can select the subject that best meets your interest. As your professional goals change, you can take advantage of new courses designed to keep you current with trends and issues in today’s commercial construction industry.

Those with DHI certifications requiring participation in the Continuing Education Program (CEP) can earn points in order to maintain their registration in the program. DHI strives to provide the best quality education in a variety of formats for those who specify, detail, supply, and service in the non-residential construction industry.

Formerly known as Technical Schools, the DHI Classroom Series offers increased opportunities to amass critical industry knowledge and skills in smaller, localized formats. Learn from experienced instructors with first-hand knowledge in traditional face-to-face classes. Bring your questions to the experts, network with your peers, and go back to your office with the essentials that can be tailored to your workplace.    


Visit the Conference Schedule page to learn more about the following courses being offered Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, and to view the complete agenda for the entire week:

  • AHC Exam - First Time Taker                         

  • AHC Exam - Retake Part 1 or Part 2                                

  • CDC320 - CDC Exam Prep                                        

  • CDC Exam - First Time Taker                                   

  • CDC Exam - Retake by Section                              

  • DHT120 - DHT Exam Prep + Exam                                                      

In order to be properly registered for the above class(es), you must follow the steps below:

  1. Please reference the course schedule

  2. Please reference the Education Resource Guide for extensive detail on course descriptions

  3. Please select the course you would like to register for during the registration process

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