Wednesday, May 10, 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm
Thursday, May 11, 1:30 pm – 4:15 pm

More education. More reasons to stay on the show floor. Find the solutions to your application issues in these fast and focused 15-minute sessions presented by your channel partners.

Schlage ND and L Grade 1 Solutions

Choosing the correct door hardware for a project is a critical task. In this session, we will focus on how the ND series grade 1 cylindrical and L series grade 1 mortise locks by Schlage can cover all project needs from mechanical, wired electrified, and wireless electrified applications.  
BEA, Inc.
New innovations and technology in low energy automatic door applications.

BEA, Inc. is a leading provider of sensing solutions for automatic doors. The company also provides a complete portfolio of security products to complement Low Energy, Access Control and Industrial applications. BEA’s Security & Access Solutions (SAS) division will review innovative types of activation options, including touchless and wireless activation. New products that integrate seamlessly with current low energy door operators and accessories will also be presented.  
TS93 GSR cam & roller closer/coordinator system – smooth, efficient door control

The TS93 GSR closer/coordinator has exceptionally smooth, efficient door control with proper sequential closing for pairs of doors equipped with astragals or exit devices. Whether your design requires pull or push, with or without electromagnetic hold open, here’s your solution. The cam & roller design maximizes the ease-of-opening and maintains more energy than a rack and pinion to firmly latch the door, offering the best choice for an ADA compliant door that will latch under stack pressures and other environmental conditions.      
Guardian Fire Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Specialty Door Programs

Basis, procedures, requirements for using the service   
National Guard Products, Inc.
NGP-Edge Sealing Systems for Excessive Fire Door Gaps

UL-Certified solutions designed to regain lost fire door ratings due to excessive clearances between door and frame and/or excessive door bottom undercuts.
Security Door Controls
Wireless and Hardwired ADA Compliance Profit Opportunity Solutions 

Wireless or hardwired, there is an ADA Compliant access and egress solution to help you meet the latest ADA requirements without a struggle. For disability access, automatic door activation and request-to-exit applications, consider a code compliant push plate switch, bollard post, or touch panel alternative to wall mounted access control or switches. There’s even wireless transmitter and receiver solutions for remote control versatility. 
LDH100 – Simple, Affordable, Mechanical Lockdown of Exit Devices

The LDH100 Series is a patented, cost-effective solution for one-touch mechanical lockdown of exit devices. In the event of an emergency, the LDH100 does not require a key or hex-wrench to lockdown the doors from the inside; simply push the button on the end cap and the exit device automatically locks. The mechanism has a durable die-cast construction and is easily installed without special tools or removal of the exit device from the door. It is ideal for classrooms, school perimeter doors, banquet halls, government facilities or other locations where exit devices are required.
Unison Hardware, Inc.
Security and Privacy for Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors have exploded in popularity: as urban centers continue to renovate warehouses and former manufacturing facilities into living spaces, barn doors remain the go-to choice for separating rooms and living areas. Hospitality and other public places that need easy entry and ADA compatibility love barn doors, too, which not only look great but really cut down on door space needed. Whether contemporary or rustic, barn doors have one drawback: privacy! They’re designed for easy access, but not for top security. INOX™ presents a working, easy-to-install solution: privacy locks for sliding barn doors to add security without subtracting the aesthetic quality of the door and passageway.  
Waterson Corp.
Once and for all. Waterson Hinge, the new door-closing solution for all doors.

Changing wooden/metal doors to glass doors used to be very difficult. With Waterson Hinge, you have a low-cost solution of shifting doors of different kinds now. Waterson Hinge leaves are designed to ANSI/BHMA A156.7 standard, so it fits seamlessly to the need of renovations and hardware replacement. Easy installation like a regular hinge, and intuitive adjustment. Saving cost at least 50 percent. Waterson Door-Closer Hinge is equipped with industrial grade micro power and speed controlling components. Robust power output and reliable speed control, with guaranteed life time of 100 million times of rotation. Resistant to damages from force exertion like wind or slam from users. All series constructed in Stainless Steel 304/316 with high corrosion resistance and maintenance free. Waterson Door-Closer Hinge, the new door closing solution for doors of all kinds. Once and for all.
Westinghouse Security
Biometrics: How to Make It Work

This session discusses how to properly enroll fingerprints, solutions for managing difficult fingerprints, and what extra features to look for in a biometric lock.