Industry Marketplace


Thursday, May 11 | 10:15 – 11 am, 11:10 – 11:55 am, 12:05 – 12:50 pm

Take a front row seat as manufacturers take the stage to share innovative solutions to today’s application issues.
Below are just to name a few!

A Grade 1 Solution for Every Opening
A Grade 1 Solution for every opening – how do you understand the options of mechanical vs electro-mechanical vs wireless applications to provide the best solution? Please join Allegion’s team of Schlage product managers to discuss how choosing the right products for specific applications will provide value, security, and efficiency to customers while growing your business.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the products and value proposition of a Grade 1 solution for every opening through the mechanical, electro-mechanical, and wireless options by Schlage.
  2. Understand how mechanical key systems and electronic credentials can work together to deliver incremental security, convenience and efficiency.
  3. Gain the confidence required to determine and provide your customer’s the best possible Grade 1 Solution to meet their needs.

Current Trends in Access Control

Learn about our latest technologies for all end-user segments including data on card, wireless, mobile access and POE solutions.

Security with Barn Door
Unison Hardware

The trend in interior doors for new and refurbished facilities indicates that sliding barn doors are a go-to choice for beauty, design, and utility. They provide easy entry, ADA compatibility, and add a classic yet modern aesthetic quality. The popularity of these doors will require means for making them secure for both residential and hospitality privacy. Session covers:

  • Barn Door Styles and Variances
  • Installation Techniques
  • Privacy Locks for Barn Door Security
Biometrics: How to Make It Work
Westinghouse Security

In this session, you will learn why fingerprints make the perfect credential and how to enroll and verify a person’s fingerprints for use with a computer system. This session also covers how to effectively use an optical scanner, including what factors play into getting a good scan, such as the quality of the scanning surface and the light level. Gain insight into managing difficult fingerprints and what extra features to look for in a biometric lock.